RENTAL PERIOD: Rates are calculated on 24 hour periods. Additional hours are charged at 1/3 of the daily rate, to a maximum of 3 hours when an additional day will be charged.
MINIMUM AGE: 21 Years.
RATES INCLUDE: Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), 3% Administrative Fee, 6 % Service Turnover Tax (STT), 9% VAT, 10% Environmental Levy and Unlimited Kilometers.
RATES EXCLUDE: Nadi Airport Fee $30, Excess reduction Fee, any miscellaneous fees, damage excess, bond, $10 stamp duty fee and fuel.
NADI AIRPORT FEE : An Airport fee of $30.00 is applicable for all rentals picked up/checked out from Nadi Airport only.
EXCESS: Excess is the maximum amount the renter is liable for in the event of loss or damage to the Avis vehicle or third party property should the vehicle be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement and the laws of Fiji. F$5,000.00 Excess applies to car group B F$7,000.00 Excess applies to car groups C, S, G, V, P & K. F$10,000.00 Excess applies to car group L, D, W, H & Z.
EXCESS REDUCTION: Excess reduction reduces the customers responsibility to F$1000 for group B is available at F$21.00 (inclusive of VAT, Service Turnover Tax & Environmental Levy) per day. For groups C, S, G, V, P & K responsibility is reduced to F$1500.00, is available at F$24.00 (inclusive of VAT, Service Turnover Tax & Environmental Levy ) per day and Groups L, D, W, H & Z is reduced to F$2000.00 and is available at F$36.00 (inclusive of VAT, Service Turnover Tax & Environmental Levy) per day.
BOND : A Bond of F$500.00 is required for all vehicles. This bond is fully refundable, at the end of rental, should there not be any damages Incurred.
VEHICLE TYPE: Vehicle types given are for descriptive purposes only. Reservations are confirmed by vehicle group and not by specific make/model.
ONE WAY RENTALS: A one way fee of F$48.00 will apply for all rentals 3 days and less. E.G. Pick-up from any of the 3 stations Nadi Airport, Port Denarau or Coral Coast and Drop-off Suva or Nausori Airport and Vice Versa. Pick-up and drop-off same location - no charge.
RESERVATIONS FREESALE: Groups B and C on free sale up to 48 hours.
RESERVATIONS REQUEST: Groups S, G, V, P, K, L, D, W, H & Z are on request
PAYMENT & PREPAYMENT : Acceptable PAYMENT and PREPAYMENT requirements for the settlement of daily rental rates and miscellaneous charges.
PAYMENT: Payment of the daily rental must be by Tour voucher authorizing charges back to your credit account.
PREPAYMENTS: All renters are required to make a PREPAYMENT towards the rental which covers the applicable Miscellaneous and Optional charges. This prepayment can be made by an Avis honored charge card. If the renter does not possess an Avis honor charge card a CASH PREPAYMENT must be left at the time of rental commencement. THE AMOUNT OF THE PREPAYMENT MUST INCLUDE DEPOSIT, THE EXCESS, PLUS THE VALUE OF ANY APPLICABLE MISCELLANEOUS AND OPTIONAL CHARGES.
CANCELLATION FEES: For any reservations that are cancelled prior to commencement of the rental, then there are no cancellation fees. For any reservations that are not cancelled or the customer is a no Show then the full rental charges will apply.
MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES: Delivery Fees, Collection Fees (applicable to non Avis locations) & Fuel.
OPTIONAL CHARGES: Excess Reduction Fee and, Child Safety Seats.
  1. The renter is responsible for ALL DAMAGES should the vehicle not be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of rental stated on the Rental Agreement Document regardless of the Excess applicable.
  2. No Frequent Flyer points are applicable on these rates.
  3. Rates are subject to change, at any time due to, but not limited to, government changes such as taxes, duty etc.