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Rental Cars For travel

Toyota Wagon

1 - 2 Days F$120.00


Hyundai Accent

1 - 2 Days F$150.00

Hyundai Santa Fe

1 - 2 Days F$180.00

Toyota Corolla

1 - 2 Days F$120.00

100% Delivery & Pickup

For every booking, every car model. With industry leading on-time performance. We love to make things easy for you!

No Limits

Drive as much as you want with unlimited kms. Just like your own car!

New Fleet

Our fleet addition process ensures that majority of our cars are only a few months old at any time. Say goodbye to bad cars!

Anywhere Delivery

We hand deliver and pickup your cars from your doorstep, office or nearby airports!

Zero Hidden Charges

Our tariffs include taxes & insurance. And since our tariffs do NOT include fuel, it means you pay for only as much fuel as you use!

Limited Liability

Enjoy complete peace of mind with your liability limited to Rs. 10000. In case of any unfortunate incident, our insurance cover will take care of the rest!

Booking in 2 Minutes

LNo hassle of uploading your driving license and waiting for its approval. Easy enough!

Privacy & Freedom

Make every moment count with the privacy and freedom of having your own car!